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    Stunning black and white images in just one click

    Transform boring colour images into remarkable monochrome masterpieces at the touch of a button. Beautiful film-like black and whites, classically toned images full of depth and detail, dramatic monochrome images, and more. With over 95 Presets that you can instantly apply using Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop or Lightroom, you will save hours working your images and create beautiful works of art. You can even combine presets to create even more looks and make your own style.  This collection is a must for any photographer who loves the simplicity of black and white.


    Receive both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw Versions for the price of one.

    Includes customised versions of all presets for: Lightroom 2 & 3 / Lightroom 4 & 5 / Adobe Camera Raw 5 & 6 (Photoshop CS4 CS5) / Adobe Camera Raw 7 & 8 (Photoshop CS6 CSCC) / All PC & Mac Compatible. / Available for immediate download.

    With the use of just a single preset from the Instant Effects Monochrome volume, images can be transformed automatically into something amazing. Some presets even include border effects that can further enhance the look of your images, all in just one click. Any preset can have further fine tuning and adjustments made to maximize the result or to create your own looks and styles. Combine this flexibility with the use of Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw's adjustment brush, and selectively change elements of your image to further enhance and create a handcrafted image just like in the darkroom.

    The Instant Effects Monochrome volume includes over 95 different presets to expand your creative horizons and make your images unique. All can be applied in just one click, or combined to create new and exciting effects. The combinations are endless.



    About Instant Effects
    At the touch of a button create instant effects for your images.

    Over the past few years Adobe has made some significant improvements to giving photographers access to the ability to maximize the image RAW data using either Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop or using Lightroom. Photographers in general are only just starting to see how powerful this can be from a quality stand point, as everything is performed in a non-destructive environment accessing all possible camera data. Quality aside, one can creatively alter the RAW settings to create some amazing looks. And coupling this with the ability to save these settings as a Preset you can repeat the process in an instant. This is where Marcus Bell Instant Effects were born.

    By combining the quality and creativity that Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom offers, along with the ability to have access to a huge range of saved presets a photographer can expand their creative boundaries and produce unique images without having to spend hours editing. Each preset is painstakingly created and tested on a variety of images, of all genres, and carefully tuned so that the effect is as flexible as possible. You can easily see the settings applied using each preset, edit them if required for each image you apply, combine presets to create your own unique effects and even save your own presets so you have even more creative options at your disposal.

    Instant Effects - MonochromeInstant Effects - MonochromeInstant Effects - MonochromeInstant Effects - Monochrome
    Instant Effects - Monochrome